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Monday, January 24, 2011

It is still so hard to be without her.

It was this day in 1977 that I lost my mom to cancer.  She had been sick for over two years.  I was 12 years old at the time and that was one of the most life changing things I could have ever experienced. Within the next year I was running the house and taking care of my little sister.  Mama was the one that disciplined us and I guess my daddy was grieving but when got mad, I was the one that took most of the punishment. I am not saying what my daddy did was right, but now I do understand him a little better.  At the time I felt all the love in our family died with Mama.  Some times I look back over my and wonder how my life might have been changed if she had not died.  I don't think I would have married my first husband because mama would not have allowed him in my life.And the toughest thing about that is I would not have my beautiful children.

Mama taught me some very important lessons in life, and love was the most important.  Even though she was not a church going woman the love of God was was felt in our house.  She had seven children and she never made any of us feel less loved than the others. ALL of us can honestly say that we were Mama's favorite.  Mama taught to be the kind of mom I should be.  To love my children with all my heart and teach them the love that God has for them.