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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blended Families

On my first post I talked about my "instant" kids.  But the fact is most families today are blended families.  Divorce is a fact of life in today's society, but some of the hardest decisions we make concerns our children. But I have learned that it should not be about his kids and my kids, but our kids. When my husband and I got married we decided that we would love each others kids as our own.  And I guess that is what makes a difference.  We CHOOSE to love them.  When I became Matthew's Step-mom, I didn't try to take his real mom's place in his life.   I decided though to treat him as my own child.  I love him as my son and I love the two daughters from my first marriage.  My first grand-son is not my biological grand-child but I CHOOSE to love him as if he were.  When Matthew has a problem, I listen to him and try to help him. When my daughter Shannon needs my help, I try to give it to her.  I love her and her children so much.  Sometimes you have to put your needs aside for the sake of your family.  I am so blessed for my "instant" children.  I hope you are with your own.  Blended means to become one, so take your family and his family and become ONE family.